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Lifting Equipment

In addition to our Nissan Forklift, Logitrans and Combilift ranges, we have a selection of more (or less) specialised lifting equipment. The less being the industry standard OEC.

Lifting equipment of all shapes and sizes to make your operation easier and more efficient

Pallet trucks

Our extensive range of both pedestrian and electric pallet trucks encompasses differing specifications ranging from 1500kg to 2500kg. For specialised applications our range includes low profile trucks, braked trucks, high lifters, mechanically folding models and narrow aisle pallet trucks. Within the electric range, there is a small variety of options available including weighing scales. Furthermore we can offer stainless steel "clean" varieties for the food industry.

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Scissor lift tables

Ergonomic scissor lift tables ensure that back injuries are prevented when moving large or heavy objects to areas of differing heights or simply from one location to another. All of our mobile scissor lift tables comply with BS EN1570. 

Warehouse dock systems

Our selection of warehouse dock systems is designed to suit various logistical set-ups. We supply everything from yard ramps and ground/raise dock shelters (otherwise known as dock tunnels) to heavy duty lifting tables and telescopic lids

Mezzanine lift

Mezzanine lifts create immediate cost and space savings when compared to a traditional goods lift, due to there being no need for a motor room or lift pit. The rugged industrial frame & mechanism give low maintenance requirements and long life span.

Why is a mezzanine lift better than a forklift?

Operating a forklift for routine lifts to a mezzanine floor ties up an expensive machine and driver that could be better employed elsewhere.

In contrast, our MezzLifts benefit you with tangible cost savings by removing the need for unnecessary structural changes to buildings and reducing risks associated with operating fork trucks and unaided manual handling operations.

These are only our most popular lifting products, call CAM today on 0114 243 3332 to order a catalogue for a complete listing.

Rough Terrain Pallet Truck
Scissor Lift Table
Mezzanine Lift Sheffield