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Drum, IBC & Cylinder

Drums and cylinders can be awkward to transport and store. Ensuring you have the correct equipment will save you a lot of time and hassle. CAM offers a range of solutions for the safe transportation and storage of drums, barrels, cylinders etc - for all types of budgets.

Drum, IBC & Cylinder Handling

Drum & Cylinder Storage

We offer a vast range of solutions for storing and handling your drums & cylinders both convienently and safely. Furthermore where your specific requirments deem it neccessary we can tailor make drum & cylinder products to fit your unique specification.

Drum Handlers

Awkward, round and heavy, drums require specialist equipment to ensure that there is no damage to their contents and that their storage is effective. We offer a complete range of clamps, lifters, trolleys, stands and many more so you can handle drums effectively in your workplace, both financially and safely.

Forklift & Crane Drum Handlers

Specialist drum handling attatchments for safe and secure use connected with your forklift, workshop crane etc. 

Cylinder Handlers

Equally as awkward to transport and store as drums, cylinders require specialist equipment, designed specifically for the purpose. CAM's cylinder handling range has a wide selection of trolleys and pallet cages to ensure handling your cylinders is as effortless as possible.

Handle lots of drums or cylinders? Contact CAM today on 0114 243 3332 for a bespoke solution, constructed to your specification.

Furthermore if your application needs additional products not mentioned on here, order your catalogue today.

Drum Handler
Taper Grip Drum Clamp