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Drive-in pallet racking is an ideal solution if storage capacity is a prime requirement of your warehouse.

Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drive-in pallet rack requires fewer aisles, allowing you to store up to 85% more pallets

If making the most of storage capacity is a major requirement of your warehouse, drive-in pallet racking allows you to optimise the space of your warehouse. Through eliminating aisles and lanes, drive-in racking utilises space at the price of selectivity. This is ideal for batch despatches as the first pallet into the lane will be the last pallet out. Each pallet is supported to ensure damage from crushing is eliminated.

Last in, first-out arrangement

Drive-In racks allow a lift truck to enter from one side to load or unload. This is possible because the pallets are loaded onto a manoeurable rail, which allows the last pallet loaded to be slid backwards with the induction of a new pallet. However when a new pallet is loaded you lose accesibility to the previous pallet, creating the last in, first out arrangement.

Key Features:

  1. 85% Space Utilisation
    Narrow Aisle racking can free up to 85% of the floor space given to aisles in a wide aisle scheme. Through maximising space utilisation you can store more pallets in the limited space of your warehouse.
  2. Ideal for cold store conditions
    For perishable goods that must be kept frozen or refrigerated, the space utilisation of drive in racking significantly reduces overheads.
  3. Option to increase speed of operation
    The speed of operation can be increased further, through using floor mounted guide rails which assist the position of the trucks. This also helps reduce accidental damage to the goods and rack.
  4. Ideal for bulk goods of the same type

To find out whether your operation can be maximised through drive-in racking or if there is any other way we can improve your efficiency, contact our racking consultant team today.

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