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Our range of industrial forklift tyres are designed for compatibility with a wide range of forklift trucks and the applications they are used for. We offer a range of forklift tyres with prices to suit all budgets, thus offering the customer choice, flexibility and cost savings.

Tyres, Expertise And Service Which Goes The Extra Mile...

Quality Tyres

It's a common misconception that any tyre will do, however did you know getting the right tyre can affect the performance, efficiency and safety of your fleet?

That is why at CAM we supply tyres of the upmost quality accompanied by staff with the expertise to guarantee you get the right tyre for you. Our expertise will ensure your tyres last longer, offer lower rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption.

Not only do we offer the highest quality tyres, but we have good links to most major suppliers so we'll get them cheaper.

Want a budget option?

We do offer a great value budget tyre, however we strongly recommend you purchase quality. This is due to the cost savings generated from the low cost per hour created by the extended lift of a quality tyre, when compared to the high cost per hour created from a cheaper tyre which has a considerably shorter product life. Therefore, the cost of replacement with budget tyres outweighs the life cost of a quality tyre, not to mention the savings you will make on fuel. 

When should you replace your tyres?

Knowing when solid tyres need replacing is important - too early and you are overspending and increasing downtime, too late and you risk damaging a forklift or even endangering operators. How quickly a tyre needs replacing is dependent on a number of factors - hours of use, load carried, distance driven, type of surface and how well the forklift is operated. However this diagram simplifies the life of a tyre...


To ensure we cater for all of your rubber ring needs we offer a comprehensive range of tyres:

  • Pneumatic tyres – air filled - are specifically designed for rough terrain environments. They help to absorb ground vibrations therefore helping to minimise truck and load damage and deliver improved operator comfort
  • Solid tyres – resilient and press-on-band - for indoor applications with smooth surfaces, solid tyres provide the best solution as they are less prone to damage and puncture. This delivers reduced maintenance and improved efficiency
  • Warehouse application tyres
  • Polyurethane – press-on-band
  • Specialist compound tyres - Wet-grip, heat-resistant, non-marking, cold-store, anti-static
  • Wheel re-bonding

Picking a type of tyre driving you round the bend? Contact our Forklift Parts Department with your enquiry on 0114 243 3332. We will be happy to arrange a site assessment to ensure your tyres are optimising your forklift.

Call our experienced forklift service and maintenance team today and we will find the ideal solution for you.

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Service Manager

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Forklift Tyres