Forklift Hire

CAM Forklifts have the widest choice of forklift trucks for hire in Sheffield. CAM Forklifts are synonymous with quality of the highest standard which is reflected in the superb choice of forklift trucks available for hire.

Long Term Rental

Why buy responsibility when you can hire reliability, flexibility and dependability?

Long term forklift rental in Yorkshire

From one to one hundred, from refurbished to new, from 1.5 tonne to 8, we will find the right forklift for you. Not only will we find the right truck, but you will be impressed by our service. It's more than a rental, we see it as a partnership.

From the initial site survey, to the collection of the truck at the end of your contract, we will employ a customer focussed nature, ensuring you are fully content with your purchase and that you'll want to work with us again.

Why choose long term hire?

  • Reduce Initial Investment: Whether it's a capital issue, or you would like to spend the initial cost on something profit generating, contract hire gives the flexibility to align costs over an extended period of time.
  • Improved cash management: Through long term hire you can leverage off balance sheet financing, your hire overheads are easy to manage and you can effectively apply accounting and tax facilities.
  • Maintenance Requirements Included:  With CAM there are no hidden costs, all maintenance requirements are included in the price, so there is one less thing you have to worry about.

Why choose CAM?

  • Hire the truck that's right for you and not the forklift dealer
    We see business as a relationship and we'd like to work with you again, and again, and again. Therefore, we supply the most suitable equipment for you and not us, ensuring you get the right forklift to suit your needs, first time, every time.
  • Tailored Payment Periods: Customise your payment profiles from 6 months - 7 years, we offer payment periods that suit you and your businesses needs.
  • Why purchase responsibility when you can rent reliability?
    Rent peace of mind when you know our skilled staff, fully equipped with mobile workshops are always there to maintain your vehicle.
  • Do not settle for downtime:
    Our 4 hour response rate is the envy of the industry and makes sure that any complications you have don't get, well, complicated.
  • We will be there when you need us:
    Working with CAM you can gain from a 24/7 response rate, ensuring downtime does not get you down.
  • We provide a customer focussed solution
    We regard your needs highly and pride ourselves on meeting them, therefore we apply tailored terms to our contracts to ensure your needs are fulfilled.
  • Tired of dealing with salesmen who sell, sell, sell?
    Friendly and approachable, our sales team are here to give you unbiased advice and appraisals.
  • Why let budget restraints hold your business back?
    Through creating partnerships with BNP Paribas and Investec we ensure you do not have to delay your business's progression or settle for second best.

Furthermore we offer a complete tailored package, to ensure your rental is stress free which includes:

  • An initial site visit for evaluation of your requirements
  • Off-Balance Sheet Finance
  • Known Monthly Cost – for ease of budgeting and reporting
  • Fully maintained equipment – with no surprise maintenance costs


Call our experienced team today and we will find the ideal solution for you.

Lewis Fox

Area Sales Manager

Tel: 0114 243 3332 

Mob: 07793 046321



Finance options available
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Finance options available
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